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Magellan GPS offers all of the world’s top-class facilities and resources to make navigation issues free and safe for commercial vehicles and drivers. Magellan Truck GPS are intuitive and dynamic. The GPS will improve with daily updates in the future. As a commercial driver, Magellan also helps you enhance your professional driving skills. This feature is a Magellan exclusive feature in which you can save all your favorite destinations with merely one touch. You can also bookmark all your favorite places. Magellan provides all the tools to the commercial drivers to make their navigation safe. They do so by releasing Magellan truck GPS maps update on a regular period.

Magellan excels in making a GPS device for trucks. The machines are both intuitive and dynamic. It means that the devices will get better with time, i.e., with regular map updates.

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Storage – A special feature in Magellan Truck GPS

Information storage is much higher than the usual GPS storage rate. Truck GPS also performs confinement and extension screening.

Types of routes for a Magellan Truck GPS

  • Two Magellan Truck map routes are used mainly for the shortest and fastest routes. As per your requirements, you can use the unit.
  • Set your system to the fastest mode if you have to reach your destination early and have a long-range cover.
  • If you have to reach your destination early and a nearby local destination is open. Then you’ve got to set the shortest mode on your computer.

These two methods will make your journey easier and make your journey the best for you.

Principle of Magellan Truck GPS:

The basic motto is to make use of short local routes and quicker routes for longer routes.

Why is there need of Magellan truck GPS Map update?

  • The information provided by the map update is accurate most of the time, making it very useful. Because of the ongoing construction processes, it might also show some errors. Your data will, therefore, be updated regularly.
  • As railroad bridge data is changed as it gets old or is closed, you also need an updated device. This makes it difficult for you to judge the flyovers’ road length and height. They are very low as well and for an extended period.

Steps to get a Magellan truck GPS Map update

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, connect your system to the machine with internet equipment. A simple system check will be carried out by this unit, showing you the appropriate pop-up icon window on your monitor. You’ll see a drive window downloading map updates for you after you press Enter in your system.
  2. On your GPS screen, notifications will appear. With the help of a USB cord, connect and switch on your device. A pop-up will start downloading the maps on the display that can record your progress on your computer.
  3. Now that the window transfers your progress to your computer wait until you download your device. Magellan truck GPS will install it on your workstation automatically.

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