How to Get Magellan GPS Update for your GPS device?

Magellan GPS update is necessary to ensure that GPS devices are of optimum health and performance. To ensure that GPS devices have optimum health and flawless performance, Updating is essential. It is important to update magellan map because it can run by updating it more effectively. It also helps the computer to have a better version of the technology.

Business travelers often find themselves in unknown terrain, in which case it can be invaluable to guide a GPS device. However, GPS devices are just as accurate as of the data stored on them, so they should be periodically updated. By using a free software program available on the Magellan website, Magellan GPS units can be upgraded. You can obtain some of the Magellan app updates and minor map improvements for free, but you must buy most of the map updates.

Follow these simple steps for Magellan GPS update:

magellan gps update

Step 1. Magellan Content Manager must be enabled on your computer/laptop

To install the content manager, follow the steps below or dial our toll-free number to complete the experts’ work.

Steps to Content Manager Downloads:
  • Visit the Magellan website using any web browser on your device.
  • Navigate to the download section right now.
  • Choose software that matches your needs, such as Windows or Mac.
  • To download apps, make sure you have fast internet access.
  • Double-click on the file that was downloaded.

Step 2. Follow the Install Content Manager instructions now.

You will get a message once you have done so. To start the update process, launch the Magellan Content Manager.

Step 3.Link your Magellan GPS to your computer.

  • You should now connect your GPS to your computer or laptop.
  • It would be best if you used USB cable that comes with your product at the time of purchase to link it.
  • Pull out the USB cable and properly attach one end of the cable to your machine or laptop and the other end to your GPS device. Make sure you have put it in the correct slot before connecting the cable.
  • It will automatically turn on your GPS once you have attached the cables to both devices.

Step 4. Launch the Content Manager application 

  • Open the Content Manager application that you have already installed on your computer after turning your GPS device on.
  • To open the Content Manager application, tap the icon that you will track, either on your Desktop or on the Device Tray.
  • Through this, you can get to the main Magellan application interface.
  • It would help if you got your Magellan computer registered now.
  • By logging into your Magellan Account, you can do so. In the respective sector, enter the login credentials associated with the Magellan account.
  • To login into the Magellan account, the new user has to build an account first.

Step 5. How to Update Magellan GPS

  • After that, click the ‘Check for updates’ option. In the Content Manager application, you will get this option yourself.
  • By doing so, the content manager will check the update. You will receive a pop-up notification box if it is available. This pop-up box shows you all the available GPS updates for both software updates and map updates.

Step 6. Disconnect your GPS Device from Magellan

  • You can disconnect your device once you have finished the process.
  • Now, your Magellan GPS device will restart automatically. It will complete the procedure with success for the Magellan GPS update.

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